2016-2017 Team Tryout Information Meeting

Even though we’re right in the middle of our 2015-2016 competition season, believe it or not, we are already looking ahead to next year! We are so proud of the commitment and growth we’ve seen from all of our competitive teams this season, and we are so excited to build on that next year.

We are looking forward to putting together some awesome and talented teams for next season. That being said, we want to get a very important date onto your calendars. On Tuesday, March 15th, we will be holding our 2016-2017 Competitive Team Tryout Information meeting. This optional meeting will be a great opportunity for dancers and parents to learn more about what it looks like to be a member of an HP Dance Co. competitive team, what the requirements are, and what the tryout process looks like. This meeting is not mandatory, but it will be extremely helpful in gaining more insight on the team experience and as well as a great opportunity to get all your team-related questions answered.

Many more details are to come, but for planning purposes, know that tryout choreography will be taught at the beginning of April, and auditions in front of the judges and directors will take place in May. All dancers who will be in the 5th grade and older during the 2016-2017 school year are eligible to tryout. I would strongly suggest that anyone who is even slightly interested in joining a competitive team attend the meeting to learn more.
If you know anyone who is interested in trying out for team who is currently not enrolled at HP Dance, we would love to add them to our email list so they can receive important updates and details regarding tryouts. Please have them email hpdancefeet@gmail.com with the prospective team member’s name, age, and grade (as of Fall 2016).