Highland Park Dance Company offers private and group instruction in all areas of dance and drill team technique. We provide intense, focused instruction in flexibility, style, coordination, stamina/strength, overall body movement, and musicality. In addition to extensive drill team training, we offer instruction in many dance genres such as ballet, contemporary, and hip hop.


Highland Park Dance Company has four dance studios currently in use. All of these studios offer professional Floating Marley floors to prevent injury and to protect our dancers. We have ballet barres in all of our studios as well as basketball court markings in the main studio so our Competition Teams can practice for contest.

HP Dance provides the best, most effective dance training in the community. Each student will receive individual critique and feedback, ensuring that our dancers are able to see improvement on a weekly basis.

Highland Park Dance Company uses Christian values as the basis for our curriculum and instruction. In addition to physical training, students will learn the importance of character, work ethic, and integrity, and how to apply these concepts to all aspects of life. We choose to glorify God in all aspects of their dance training and to show God’s love to each student. It is our commitment as teachers and role models to set a positive example in action and in speech.

Highland Park Dance Company classes are held in our new studio located at 2651 Fondren, Dallas, TX 75206. Click here for a map. Our studio is convenient, safe, and easily accessible for student drop off and pick up.