Class Levels & Descriptions

Class Levels

Level 1 Classes
1st-2nd Graders. (6-8 years)

Level 2 Classes
3rd-4th Graders. (8-10 years)

Level 3 Classes
5th-6th Graders. (10-12 years) For dancers who might be new to dance and need a breakdown of basic dance technique and terminology.

Level 4 Classes
7th-8th Graders (12-14 years). For dancers who are familiar with basic drill team/dance technique and terminology but still need instruction on how to execute movement correctly. Classes are moderately paced.

Level 5 Classes
9th Graders and above (14+ years). For dancers who are ready for a challenging, fast- paced class setting. Classes are rigorously taught and require high energy and advanced technical skills. Dancers are expected to have mastered all basic dance movement before enrolling in this level.

Class Types


Dancers will learn classic ballet terminology and technique. Ballet is the foundation of dance and will be necessary for successfully executing proper technique in other dance styles.


This class is a combination of jazz and drill team technique and choreography. Dancers will learn movement that includes foundational technique elements used in all styles of dance. More advanced movement, skills and tricks will be incorporated based on class level.

Beginner and Beginner/Intermediate Ballet/Jazz Combo

This class is for elementary aged dancers who are interested in a more relaxed, recreational dance class. Dancers will learn both jazz and ballet elements, but the environment will be more suited for those who have never had any dance experience and want a less intimidating option.

Beginner & Beginner/Intermediate Technique Intensive

This class is for elementary aged dancers who are ready for a more challenging environment. Classes are fast-paced and structured for dancers who are interested in pursuing dance long term. Terminology, skills, and choreography are more advanced than our other elementary classes.

Beginner/Intermediate Hip Hop

This class is all about having FUN! Elementary dancers get to move and groove to fun, fast-paced movement. Technical elements are kept to a minimum and dancers are encouraged to feel the music and let loose!

Belles Prep

This class is for dancers interested in auditioning for the Highland Belles drill team. Drill team elements taught include flexibility, high kicks, tricks and skills, and Jazz, Pom, Kick and Military choreography. This class is taught by former Highland Belle Lieutenants and is the most well rounded option for dancers who need to learn the “Belle style.”

Intermediate/Advanced & Advanced Skills

This class focuses on all necessary Belles tryout skills and introduces new and innovative tricks.

Current Belles

This class is for Current Belles who want to improve technique and skills for drill team routines.

Current Belles Lieutenant Prep Class

This class is for Current Belles who are interested in auditioning for Highland Belle Lieutenant. Dancers will learn stylized jazz and contemporary routines that include new advanced skills and tricks.


This class involves the fusion of technical training and modern movement with an emphasis on musicality. The contemporary style has been increasingly popular in the last ten years and will be a new, exciting challenge for our drill team dancers.

Jazz Funk

This class combines elements of Jazz and Hip Hop. Dancers will learn stylized choreography that’s sassy, fun and cutting edge.


This class combines conditioning, interval training, weight lifting, stretching and yoga elements. Dancers will learn proper exercise technique, specific muscle groups, nutritional information, and the importance of overall health.


This class is a full body stretch. Dancers will learn how to stretch properly and safely in order to maximize flexibility for high kicks, leaps and jumps. Dancers who have extremely tight muscles and difficulty with turn out would benefit greatly from this class.