Summer Dance Camps are Around the Corner

Don’t forget to enroll in our Summer Dance Camps! Our current camp schedule is as follows:
  • June 6-9: Intermediate Drill Camp
  • June 13-16: Advanced Drill Camp
  • June 20-23: Intermediate Drill Camp
  • June 27-30: Advanced Drill Camp
  • August 1-4: Advanced Drill Camp
  • August 8-11: Intermediate Drill Camp
For all the weeks above (regardless of whether the camp is” Advanced” or “Intermediate”), the first half of each morning is open the all ages between 5th-12th grade. The difficulty will be tailored to those in attendance (we will split into groups based on ability, etc.). This is simply just to give everyone more opportunities to come train with us over the summer and to help stay in shape. So even if you’re not enrolled in a full camp during a specific week, if you’re in town, come work out with us! Morning workout sessions are $40 per day.

*There is a one-time registration fee of $25 for the summer

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